Large World Globes with Unique Custom Maps

large world globes

Unique Large World Globes

With detailed 3D topography and satellite imagery, natural environment colors and thousands of labels, our unique handmade Globes will inspire, intrigue and arouse anyone's curiosity to search and discover more about our fascinating blue planet.

large world globes

About our Large World Globes

Our unique globes use maps made from high resolution satellite imagery that allow us to depict real world environments with distinct environmental zones and terrain with natural colors, textures, shadows and 3D mountains. The vibrant colors of the globe are give by natural pigments that don't fade in time and who's color is intensified by the glass-like finish lacquer that makes the globe waterproof and dustproof.

Fun Facts about Globes

A Globe is the only truly accurate world map. The Earth is a sphere so no flat image can ever truly be an accurate representation of it. The Mercator projection is a common type of world map but it has some big problems, countries near the north and south pole look bigger then they really are. Other flat projections run into similar issues. The only real way to solve them is with a globe.

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